Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is the Draw for the House taking place?
A: The Main House Draw is scheduled to take place on the 8th June 2020 at Chadwick Wexford Park in Wexford Town. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 restrictions, the Main House Draw that was scheduled to take place previously on the 3rd May 2020 was postponed until the national restrictions were lifted to a sufficient extent to allow us to publicly host the draw. Our 12th April reschedule notice is available here. It was originally scheduled to take place on 31st December 2019 but it was rescheduled because our fundraising objective was not achieved. There will be additional promotional draws for anyone entered into the main draw during the course of the WinTheHouse competition. You can view our 31st December reschedule notice here.

Q: How do I enter?
A: There are 3 options for purchasing tickets:
1. Online at our secure Stripe payment link https://www.winthehouse.ie/buy-now/ and you will receive an email receipt with your virtual ticket unique number.
2. Hard copy tickets available from Faythe Harriers club members if you’re around the Wexford area. Tickets are also available from Boggan’s Toyota showroom, Bugler Doyles Bar, The Crown Bar and the Tool Depot in Wexford town.
3. If you’d like a hardcopy ticket but are not in the Wexford area, please let us know and we can arrange either a bank transfer/ cheque payment with you and send you out the ticket receipt with your unique entry number in the post.

Q. How many tickets are you selling? Is there a limited number?
A. There will be a maximum of 12,000 tickets available for the winthehouse.ie draw. The 12,000 entries includes any promotional free tickets that may be offered through the course of the draw. For example, there were 5 free tickets offered in our June promotional draw so these tickets reduced the overall number available for sale by 5.

Q: How is the House draw being conducted and will it be overseen by an independent adjudicator ?
A: The draw will be conducted by drawing unique membership numbers from a drum with all the unique entries inside. An independent person will draw the winning entry. We will be streaming the main draw live on Facebook & Instagram. The main house draw will be overseen by an independent adjudicator, Sheil Kinnear Limited.
The unique membership number will correspond to a single entry on a list of all entries and will identify the winner. Confirming the winner from this list will be assigned to the independent adjudicator.

Q: Can I purchase a ticket as a gift?
A: It’s possible to purchase a ticket as a gift once the recipient is over 18 and eligible to be entered into the draw. If purchasing online, simply select the option for “Gift Card – Yes” and you will be prompted to enter the name and details of the person you are buying for. You can also enter a personalised message that will appear on the PDF file attached to the confirmation email. You can choose whether or not you want the confirmation email to go directly to the gift recipient, or you can just get this confirmation sent to yourself if you want to surprise the person with a gift.

Q: How do I qualify for the Early Bird promotional draws?
A: By purchasing a ticket, you will automatically be entered into any future promotional draws as well as the final main draw for the House. The sooner you’re in, the more you can win!

Q: How are the results announced?
A: The main draw will be streamed live on our Facebook and Instagram social media channels. The results of the main draw and promotional draws will be shared on our website www.winthehouse.ie and via our social media channels. The winning entry will also be announced on South East Radio on the day of the draw. Videos of all the draws will also be shared and available on our social media channels. Winners will be contacted using the details provided on their entries.

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